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Stacey Jewell
Board Member

Stacy Jewell, writer, director, and producer of the award winning play 7 Layers Captive which premiered at the Kennedy Center, is an internationally recognized survivor leader and trainer with the Department of Justice.

Jewell, is the founder of Whoisstolen, a creative arts troupe made up of survivors and anti trafficking advocates that use the performing arts to raise awareness both nationally and internationally. Her compelling dramatizations have helped organizations such as The National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, both FBI and state level human trafficking task forces, featured on several media outlets, and High Schools and Universities across the country.

Using the power of music, poetry, and stunning visuals, 7 Layers Captive exposes the psychological programming that takes place in sex trafficking. Highlighting the 19th century propaganda of prostitution and how it influences this 21st century scourge, 7 Layers Captive creates a powerful blend of both historical facts and a true story of a modern-day survivor